Custom Metal Stamps and Brands

The stamps are machined from S7 and heat treated for a long service life. They feature a side handle for ease of use. The brands are machined from 1018 cold rolled steel and have a handle threaded into the back. 

As all the stamps and brands are custom, contact us for a quote on your stamp. Name stamps are generally between $110-$140. Logo stamps are generally $120-$170. Multiples of the same design, even of different sizes, are heavily discounted as are replacement stamps/brands in the future. 

Email for a quote

It is important for the stamp or brand to fit your work. Most farriers opt for stamps that are 1/2"-5/8", most knifemakers select 3/8"-1/2". Any size up to 7/8" is the same price, larger stamps are more expensive depending on size. Stamps over 3/4" can be difficult to mark with due to the surface area. 

Name stamps are generally 1/8" tall letters but we can do any size you like. 

Lead time
Current lead time is 3 weeks

Stamp design

Most people opt to submit a drawing for their stamp. If you know what you want, we may be able to help with the design. For complex designs or if you aren't sure what you want, a graphic artist may be better suited to help you with your design.

Design Tips

The best stamps are simple with clear, strong lines. Larger, more robust designs are more durable and make a cleaner mark. If your design features large areas, its better to make them into an outline shape instead of solid form because it takes a lot last force to make a mark. Each design is unique and we will never replicate your stamp design for anyone else. 

Tips for Use

To ensure a long life for your new stamp, its best to stamp at a bright red heat (around 1600 deg F) when marking steel. Cleaning the steel of scale is important to getting a clean mark and extending the life of your stamp. Care must be taken get the stamp flat on the work and keeping a relaxed grip on the hammer and stamp will help prevent bounce and accidental double strike. Take care not to hold the stamp against the hot work for any longer than is necessary as it can soften the stamp. Always allow your stamp to air cool after use.


Available for purchase here after receiving your quote