Axe Axe Axe Axe

Our 4 lb utility axe is a hybrid design inspired by competition cutting axes and traditional Virginia pattern felling axes with hollow ground profile so it excels at splitting as well as felling and limbing. It’s made from heat treated S7 tool steel for excellent durability. It’s made entirely in house. Both the head and handle are hand finished one at a time in our shop from raw material.


The 32” handle is made from curly ash with a rubbed wax finish. The handle profile is a slight octagon shape to make it easier to keep from twisting in the hands without needing an overly tight grip.


I had a hard time finding a high quality axe when I was working felling trees and clearing land so when I designed this axe I set out to create a tool that was really useful for everything from felling and limbing to splitting and driving felling wedges. The hollow ground profile makes deeper cuts with less effort and more effectively splits wood.


It takes just as much effort to make and use an ugly tool as a nice looking one so I set out to make something I’m proud to own by using clean sweeping lines and carefully selecting the best hardwoods for handle material. With the high grade tool steel head, this will be a tool you'll be proud to pass on to future generations.