Loop Knife
Loop Knife Loop Knife

Our loop knife features a blade machined from billet A2 tool steel which allows for features not typically seen on loop knives like the thick spine of the blade and solid neck for strength, the variable blade profile with hollow ground sides for trimming frogs and pairing sole to more of a harder wearing chisel profile at the tip for excavating wall. 

It features a broad extended tang that lies perpendicular to the pressure experienced during use so the force is spread over a much larger surface area than traditional knives.  It is then secured to the oil finished handle with 1/4” blind stainless steel pins affixed to a large stainless steel clamping plate opposite the tang.

The back side of the blade features a deep V pick with a robust, semi edged design that can be used to do initial work like digging dirt and gravel out of areas of wall separation that can’t be reached with a traditional pick but are really hard on cutting edges. 

There is a stainless steel hotfitting insert sunk into the butt end of the handle. This narrower style of hot-fitting insert can be used at more angles, allows better visibility when seating toe clips, and is more ergonomic without the sharp corners of traditional caps.